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Twirlywoos Magazine

Receiving a magazine can be incredibly excitable for toddlers, especially if it includes some fun free goodies on the front, where they get to tear it off play a little, and then sit and read and discover their new magazine.

And, like most toddlers Summer loves Twirlywoos.  So when we were invited to review the brand new Twirlwoos magazine by DC Thomson we were rather excited.

Twirlywoos magazine is a new 28-page magazine based on the hit CBeebies show that follows Great BigHoo, Toodloo, Chickedy and Chick seeking adventure wherever they go.

Created for little ones aged between two to four, the magazine is based on the key values of the show – silly, fun and full of surprises.

Each issue is themed around an episode, and the magazine is packed full of fun stories, colouring pages, stickers and so much more. This fun and bright magazine with Summers favourite TV series is a hit, she loved it. It kept her entertained as we read the stories, played the games and coloured in the pages - and not forgetting placing the stickers on the pages.  

This new magazine is available every four weeks, priced £2.99, and each issue comes with a cover mount gift linked to content within the magazine.

We will be buying it each month from now on.


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