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Blaze and the Monster Machines #NickjrBlaze 

Summer had 5 of her nursery friends round for her Blaze and the Monster Machines Twitter Party.

It was two hours of fantastic fun and games, and lots of laughter - it is safe to say the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves. 

We were sent a whole bunch of items for our STEM activities to complete during the party, Summer and her friends loved the Food activity the best - It may have something to do with the chocolate and sprinkles.

Also, the Mathematics activity was a hit, each child had to launch Blaze using the supplied Fisher-Prize Transforming Turbo Launcher and whoever's Blaze travelled the furthest won!

The kids joined in with the Science activity where they experimented with what floats and what sinks. And, we squeezed in an hour-long  episode of Blaze and The Monster Machines which the kids loved. 

At the end of the party the children went home with a fab party bag.

You can visit Nickjr for more fun Blaze and the Monster Machines activities and games.

Fisher-Price Blaze and the Monster Machines toy range is available at Argos and Smuths Toys Superstores.

I laid on some nibbles for the kids and the parents.

After everyone arrived, we started with the activities.

Jacob and Summer love their new Fisher-Price Transforming Turbo Launcher and Slam & Go Blaze.  

Her little friend, Calum, won the Mathematics task, and he got to take a Fisher-Price Transforming Blaze Jet home.

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