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Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream All-Over Miracle Oil

Like many people, I LUV the iconic Eight Hour cream. It is probably one of the most loved and famous multi-tasking balms out there. And, they have now released their magic in a new oil formulation for use on the face, body and hair.

Providing luxurious, head-to-toe conditioning benefits to the body, face and hair and clinically proven to moisturize for 8-12 hours,1 Eight Hour® Cream All-Over Miracle Oil is designed for all skin types, non-comedeogenic and the ‘all you need’ product in one. 

Below are my favourite ways to use 8-Hour Cream Miracle Oil:


I suffer from dry skin which is slightly damaged after recently recovering from 4 years of Acne. I currently oil my skin and then moisture, I do this two step system to keep it nourished and with the aim to repair it where I can.

A fine mist of 8 Hour Cream Miracle Oil all over your face morning and night gives it that extra moisture, nourishing the skin lightly.


I am red-head, thus, I am pale and the sun hates me. While everyone else has a lovely tan, I'm pretty sure the sun is lying in wait just to burn my skin the moment I step outside.

Mist some 8 Hour Cream Miracle Oil all over your sunburnt face before going to bed – you’ll wake up with healthy calm (not so burnt) skin.


During the winter months, my lips suffer, dry, peeling and uncomfortable.  I go through tubes of Carmex like there’s no tomorrow.

8 Hour Cream All-Over Miracle Oil will combat those crusty dry lips and turn them into silky smooth lips.


I am obsessed with moisturizing my hands, nothing more irritates me than the feeling of desert dry hands. I need a good product that will take care of my hands.

Nourish your hands (and elbows) with 8 Hour Cream Miracle Oil to prevent them from going dry and showing your age (hands age quickly).


I love to use oils on my hair to tame it, smooth it and give it a shine. And, with all the hair drying and hair straightening, my hair needs a product to help repair and protect it.

Give your damp hair a light mist or spray into your hands, rub together and work on those split ends. 8 Hour Cream Miracle Oil will nourish and give you hair new life.


How would you use Eight Hour Cream All-Over Miracle Oil?


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