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Shortly after I hit my 30's I was unfortunate to experience both Acne and eczema on my face.  

As a child I suffered from eczema, then in my teens, it went away until it came back in my 30's. Acne was a new experience for me, and one I do not like.

Over the past 5 years I have tried all sorts of treatments, creams and oils etc.. The only thing that seems to work for my acne is when the doctor prescribes me antibiotics - within a week my acne clears up, but a week after I have finished my course of tablets, my acne starts to come back.  But I can't rely on antibiotics for too much longer.

My face can get really sore, itchy, it is very dry, and flakes. It is not nice, it has changed how I look after my skin and the make-up I have to use.  So I was keen to try a revolutionary formula that targets unwanted harmful bacteria on your skin, from Gladskin. Unlike conventional products, Gladskin leaves the good bacteria - essential for healthy skin - intact - Sounds perfect as I've already damaged my skin with Acne and Eczema, I don't want to further damage my skin.

Gladskin sent me their Acne Gel and Eczema Cream. So how did I get on?

I have eczema around the back of my ears, which can get very sore and itchy. Gladskin relieved my eczema very quickly and cleared it up after a week. It is a product that I came to rely and trust. I keep it in the fridge and once I start to feel a flare up of my eczema I apply Gladskin, the redness reduces and the soreness disappears and then it will clear up. I am very impressed with it.

For my Acne, over the 6 weeks I used the Acne Gel, it did calm my skin down, although, it didn't clear my acne, it wasn't my miracle cure, but it did improve my skin. My skin became more comfortable minimising the soreness and the itchiness, but my Acne still remained. Thus, I am not sure I would buy Acne Gel again.

But I would definitely buy the Eczema Cream from Gladskin.

I am back on the antibiotics at the moment, a little frustrated as I know I can't rely on them, soon the doctor will stop prescribing them to me, so then what next? Hopefully, he will refer me to a dermatologist. Or, I hope and wish that I will grow out of it soon (very soon).


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Peppa Pig Construction - Grandpa Pig's Boat