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Virry App Review


My kids love discovering new Apps, playing different games, puzzles or trying out new educational apps.  But, they are always looking for something new and different, something that will catch their attention that is exciting and fun, and that is when we were invited to review Virry.

Virry is amazing, it is an educational app that keeps wild animals very real for children and it is the first app that offers children the opportunity to interact with exotic animals through their iPad. 

In addition to amazing live animal video feeds, remotely operated by experienced wildlife documentarians for BBC and Disney, what makes Virry different is that the game mechanics are built into raw film footage of real wild animals. This gives the children a whole new experience to interact and learn about the animal world - from lions and meerkats to giraffes and rhinos.

The game gets the child to interact by doing simple movements, tilts the iPad to drop a hunk of meat for Limun the lion to eat and they then have to shout into the iPad to attract her attention and Limun responds.

Virry is simply fantastic, this app is new and different and the kids fell in love with it instantly. It keeps them entertained for hours with exciting interactive and educational tasks.

It is aimed at children 2-7-year-olds and is available for free download to iPad in the iTunes Store > www.virryapp.com.  Virry are launching on iPhone and Apple TV on the 10th March.. There are in-app add-ons which you do have to pay for.

Below are some screenshots I took on my iPad whilst using the Virry app:

And, Virry won the Prestigious Lovie Award and is named best of the internet in the Family and Kids category, as well as a BAFTA last year.

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