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Kitchen Trotter


Kitchen Trotter is a new subscription food box, designed to deliver food specialties from all over the world. With each box you can learn how to cook the traditional recipes of different cultures. Kitchen Trotter and its community of gourmet travelers already discovered food specialties from all over the world, such as Thailand, Brazil, United States, Senegal and shares them with this unique culinary subscription box.

We were recently sent a box which was Indonesia, packed full of new and exciting ingredients, along with a booklet with fun facts and most importantly clear and easy recipes to follow, thus, using the ingredients and the recipes you get to try out and experience the foods of the world.

We made a couple of the recipes in the booklet, but our favourite was the Kue Dadar Gulung - Green pancakes filled with tasty coconut filling.  Very easy and simple to make, and very tasty, and because they are green, they are a bit different and fun.

From the box:

Pandan aroma

From your kitchen:


pinch of salt


coconut milk

grated coconut

brown sugar.

Mix the pancake ingredients together: 120g flour, 1 egg, 250ml coconut milk and a few drops of the Pandan aroma. Leave the batter mix to rest for approx. 10 minutes.

During which make the filling:  In a pan on a low heat add 100ml coconut milk, 100g brown sugar and a pinch of salt - mix for a couple of minutes and then move to the side. 

Make your pancakes using a hot pan, then fill them with the coconut filling, roll, and enjoy.  

The box takes you on a culinary discovery journey, giving you new tastes and textures - it is great fun, giving you something new and exciting in the kitchen each month. Kitchen Trotter also offers tailored subscription with kits accessible to every budget. Subscription offers accessible packages starting from £29,99.

And for my readers, using this code: U2KTROTTER it will give you £10 discount for any orders on the www.kitchentrotter.co.uk website.

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