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 Mitre Personalised Football

Mitre Personalised Football

My boys love their footballs, we have a lot in the garden. We have that many they have their own garden storage box. A few are very old, deflated and tatty but no matter what state they are in, they still get played with. One game my boys play is to fill the trampoline up with all the footballs, and then get in there with them, kick, bounce, and all sorts.  The boys also spend hours in the garden with each playing football - it's the only 'thing' they really do together, all three of them, playing footie and I love watching them when they do.

My oldest was in a club for years, every Sunday during the season they would have a match, and every Tuesday they would train.  Lewis was never really into football, the only time he played was with his brothers in the garden or if we went out together to the park. But Jacob has really got into football this past year, he plays it at school and hubby is looking to get him in a football club. 

So when we were approached by Mitre to review their Personalised Football, I knew Jacob would love it.

You can personalise the ball with a team name or short message. Last year I got my football mad nephew, a personalized football shirt clock, this year I am going to order him a Mitre Personalized Football with his very own name on it. I know he will love it.

Available in three colours:

  • red white and silver
  • emerald green white and silver
  • cyan blue white and silver, blue

It has the Mitre logo on one side and the other can be personalised with any name up to 21 letters

Mitre's personalised footballs are the perfect Christmas presents for any football mad player (I was going to say children, but I bet there are plenty of adults out there that would love this just as much!). It arrives in a nicely presented box  - making it a lovely gift.

If you are stuck for a Christmas gift idea, then this unique Personalised Football from Mitre would make a great present.

It's an excellent quality. We've taken it out on our outdoor walks and kicked the ball around and it's still in good shape.  

Jacob loves to bring it on our dog walks and just kick it around.

He loves how he has his very 'own' ball, with his name on it. So much so, he doesn't leave it outside with the rest of the balls, no, this one is cleaned and stored in his toy box, where it is safe.

It always amazes me how the kids can spend hours just kicking a ball around and be completely content and happy doing so.



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