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Baby Born Interactive Doll Wonderland

Baby Born Interactive Doll Wonderland


Baby Born Interactive Doll Wonderland is a large doll dressed in a Wonderland theme outfit. The doll has 8 lifelike functions, 10 accessories and she doesn't require batteries. 

Baby Born Wonderland is an interactive doll, with an added feature of a fairytale inspiration - she comes in a beautiful fairy dress and detachable fairy wings, and a gorgeous tiara.  She cries, sleeps, drinks from her bottle, wees in the potty, and so on. 

Baby Born set includes:

  • A packet of lifelike porridge was included to have a play.
  • Plate and spoon
  • Water bottle that you fill up with water and feed your Baby Born.
  • Nappy
  • Potty, where you can sit your Baby Born on and she will wee out the water you give her.
  • Matching Bracelets, one for 'mum' and one for Baby Born.
  • Dummy.

Baby Borns comes wearing:

  • Baby Born is also wearing a necklace with a cute unicorn pendant - Summer can wear this too if she wishes, but she likes to keep it on her Baby Born.
  • Beautiful fairy inspired dress
  • Ballerina shoes
  • Fairy wings
  • A cute tiara

Summer enjoys the interactive side to her doll, it makes her feel like a real 'mum'. With Baby Born you can not only feed her but also take her for a bath – and it is lovely watching Summer play acting and using her imagination - she really enjoys looking after her 'baby'. The doll does require extra care and attention, with instructions on how to ensure the dolls stays clean after feeding or bathing her - which I think is a positive thing, as it encourages Summer to take care of her toys. 

I was impressed with the quality of both the doll itself and the accessories that came with her. The items all feel sturdy and well-made. I also love the extra little touches with the doll. She really is very adorable and her fairy dress and wings are beautiful. Summer loves having the matching bracelet to wear when she is playing with Baby Born. 

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