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Num Noms Ice Cream Sandwich #wackybakers


Summer loves her Num Noms. She first got them for her birthday, and since then she enjoys collecting and playing with them.

What are Num Noms?

They are a collectable toy and each Num Nom has a unique smell. They offer different food smells which you can then stack onto each other. You can mix and match the smells to create some delicious matches;  mixing them to create your own flavour fusion - with over 5000 possible combinations, you can have hours of fun experimenting with the scents.

We were challenged by Num Noms to get in the kitchen to create some delicious treats for their #WackyBakers campaign.

As part of the campaign, we received the Freezie Pops Family Series 2 pack that was recently launched. As well as some fun and cool Chef hats, and some fun recipes to choose from. Summer picked the Num Noms Ice Cream Sandwich to make. So we put on our chef hats and made some very yummy snacks.

You can see how we got on below..


We got out our new Num Noms first, and then got stuck in, making our Ice Cream Sandwiches... it was messy fun.


Summer scooping the mint choc chip ice-cream, ready to spread onto the cookies.


She spread enough ice cream over the cookie and placed another cookie on top, making a rather yummy ice cream cookie sandwich. We made some for the boys, Lewis especially liked them. The ice cream cookies went down very well. Next time we will try with a different flavoured ice cream.

We bought the cookies, but we plan on making the cookies next time - so they are warm and gooey still, then when we add the ice cream..... -warm cookies sandwiching ice cream, how dreamy is that.


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