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Flora's Lunch Box Challenge #FloraLunchbox


Jacob is a fussy eater, he will only eat certain things, lots of fruit and raw vegetables, but he doesn't like many textures or many sauces, and he doesn't like mince. So with all his little eating quirks, I've never felt safe in sending him to school to have school dinners, because I know he wouldn't eat it - it worries me he would go hungry.  Thus, I will only send him to school with a packed lunch, knowing he will eat it.

I will only ever place foods in his lunchbox that I know he likes and enjoys, which involves a roll (he only eats ham or cucumber), a yoghurt and lots of snacks, like strawberries, and he loves sugar snap peas, celery or raw carrot. 

I do struggle to add or try new things, in fear that he won't eat it and will go hungry, it's very much routine, and he eats the same thing over and over again - boring, I know.

Do you struggle with lunchboxes like us?

Flora recently carried out research into the contents of children’s lunchboxes and the results have shown that only 1.6% of those lunchboxes meet school food nutritional standards.  With this research, Flora are encouraging parents to make healthy packed lunch creations that children will enjoy. They sent us a planner with some great ideas for what to put in your child's lunchboxes.

We were inspired by Flora's planner and so we tried a few new things in Jacob's lunchbox (we tried them at home first). Jacob has only ever had ham rolls for his packed lunch, but with some inspiration from Flora's planner, we tried a cucumber with cream cheese bagel, topped with some cress (Jacob loves cress). In addition, we added some breadsticks in his lunchbox for the first time ever, which he loved. 

This challenge has been really encouraging for us, and we will be trying out some new snacks and ideas for his lunchbox. I believe variety is good for him, but unfortunately, we were stuck in a routine (rut), but not no more. 

“This post is an entry for the #FloraLunchbox Linky Challenge, sponsored by Flora. Check out their lunch planner and recipe ideas here


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