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Smiggle Review

Smiggle Review


We love Smiggle, they sell many different fun, bright and cool stationery, and other bits too.  My kids love it, we can't go into the city without popping into the Smiggle store to spend their pocket money.

And, if you are looking for unique gift ideas for children, then you are sure to find something in Smiggle.  

I've collaborated with Smiggle a couple of times now, and each time the kids get spoilt rotten. And, last week we were very lucky to be sent a whole bunch of Smiggle goodies to share between Jacob and Summer (and I kept the 2016 Diary for myself).

See below our favourites:


Juicy Eraser Box (4 little boxes of different fruits). In each box is a bunch of tiny erasers that are both shaped and scented as a fruit. They are really very cute, and Summer's favourite.


This is right down Jacob's street, a super cool, fun and gadgety pencil case. Packed full of hidden pop-out compartments, Jacob spends hours playing with this - not forgetting the pinball game on the front as well.

How cool is this?! It is called the Sandwich Jotter - sticky notes, great for leaving notes or simply to scribble on it,  this novelty sandwich shaped jotter is packed full of fun shaped pages of coloured and printed paper making up all your sandwich favourites including bread, cheese, sliced tomato, ham and lettuce

The highly addictive Snake Puzzle - This puzzle can be molded into many different shapes, the lady at the shop once showed us how to do the dog, Jacob is determined to do a dog himself - although he mainly makes shapes of guns out of it.

This is Jacob's favorite - anything with compartments, and buttons he loves, this Snap Happy Memo notes comes with two pens that pop out, and two trays of notes - it comes with refill notes as well, which is handy.

These two were for me, the brightly color letter C Keyring and the 2016 Diary which is colourful and cute, perfect for what I need.



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