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Wish List with Swallow Aquatics

Swallow Aquatics website offers a huge array of items for your pets, from reptiles to dog and so much more. And, if you live in the South you can visit one of their aquatic specialist stores. 

Poppy is growing (8 months old now) quickly, and I need to buy new items for her. Thus, it is that time for new a wish list.

My children call me a Beagle crazy person, and I think they are probably right. After a long time dream we finally bought our first Beagle home in the summer, her name is Poppy and she is georgous. A typical Beagle, she is everything I wanted and more. So when I spotted this greeting card with a Beagle face I fell in love with it instantly. This is more for me than Poppy.

The Dogit Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain provides your pet with a continuous indoor source of fresh-tasting, cool, filtered water. You plug it in, fill it with water, switch it on and that is it. I want a large water bowl so I don't have to keep topping her water bowl.


Poppy destroyed her bed, thus, we are after a new one, but Beagles are known to chew their beds so I need a robust bed that will hopefully survive this time. I am liking this flat bed for her. It is quilted and the quilt is removable for easy washing.


'The destroyer' is Poppy's nickname, she destroys all her toys - even the Kong didn't make it. But she loves squeaky toys and balls - she loves playing fetch. So these Kong Wubba Ballistic Friends would be perfect for her.


As she grows (currently 8months old) her food intake gets larger, and her puppy bowl I bought her is too small now, thus, we need a bigger bowl for her. This large bowl is a 2-in1 the white plastic outer bowl can be used as a separate bow and the stainless steel inner bowl to take on any trips when needed. 



Ravensburger Puzzle - Best of British - Fit for Nothing

Ravensburger Puzzle - Best of British - Fit for Nothing