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Ravensburger Puzzle - Best of British - Fit for Nothing

Ravensburger Puzzle - Best of British - Fit for Nothing

We were recently sent a puzzle from the latest Ravensburger's, Best of British range - Fit for Nothing to review.

I love a puzzle. My boys will sit with me and we will get lost in concentration and frustration for a few hours, and it can be totally addictive - once started, I can't wait to finish it.

With Ravensburger's puzzles, you find they are designed with fun and a bit cheeky themes - bright colours, with a bit of comedy element; filled with lots of small, funny details that make it a joy to do and complete. 

The puzzle is a 500 piece - making it the perfect puzzle to sit down for a few hours and put together and finish.  It's not easy, it does challenge you and it becomes addictive because let's face it if you going to start a puzzle without finishing it, what is the point?! You want puzzle that inspires you to go through to the end.

This puzzle offers a great quality, the pieces fit together easily, and snugly.  This puzzle is ideal for all puzzle fans or people to be introduced to puzzles.

Great idea to buy for yourself and to challenge yourself, but it would also make a great gift.


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