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Smiggle's Advent Calendar

A highlight in December, apart from Christmas day, is waking up every morning to open your advent calendar and eating the chocolate. The chocolate is so small it's a tease for the children, and they almost always want to open another door- and then you explain it is bad luck or you won't have nothing to open tomorrow etc.. But how about something a little different, an Advent calendar that offers you a little gift that is fun and exciting for each morning of December.

Today we've been reviewing a different type of advent calendar, one that is full packed of Smiggle goodies.

We've recently only discovered Smiggle's, and we instantly fell in love with their products. Smiggle's sell  fun, quirky and innovative stationery - aimed for children, but I love it just as much. The Smiggle advent calendar provides 25 days of goodies: pens, puzzles, key-rings and more. And, each calendar comes with a golden ticket where you could win a £250 Smiggle voucher!

For the purpose of the review we were only going to open two doors and save the rest to December, however, we got carried away, and opened them all. And now we have a whole bunch of fun and exciting Smiggle goodies.  Behind each door are little miniature versions of what you can find in the Smiggle stores, and each gift doesn't disappoint!  From cute miniature star shaped slinkies, to a light-up spin-top, and lots of fun pens, rubbers etc.

Our favourite was the mini snake puzzle. When we were in Cambridge Smiggle store last week, the Staff showed Jacob how to make a dog with the snake puzzle, and now Jacob is trying to make one with his mini snake puzzle - That is what Smiggle's is, they bring you fun and exciting stationary and other bits, and they echo this through their brilliant Advent Calendar.

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