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My Big Book of Monster Fun

My Big Book of Monster Fun

This bumper collection of monster fun includes lots of scary activities, stories and monster fun colouring.

With over 180 page full packed of fun stuff to do, this book kept the kids entertained for hours. The first half of the book is all about the Monsters, and the second half of the book is all about the Dinosaurs.

My Big Book of Monster Fun not only offers fun but offers some element for the child to learn with the super fun activities (matching, counting and so on.) throughout this bumper book.

With the activities if your child gets stuck, they can check at the back of the book for the answers, which I always think is a handy feature as it allows the child to be more independent. 

Jacob has been working through the book all week, but there is still loads of him to do - this book will last a while.

This is a great book to buy for your child or for another child as a gift.  My Big Book of Monster Fun is available at: WHSmiths and The Works. You can follow Parragon books via:

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