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Halloween Fun with SnapFish - Coasters

Halloween Fun with SnapFish - Coasters

5 days to Halloween!  

We love Halloween, we get full into the spirit and every year we throw a big Halloween party at home. We decorate the house and make it as spooky as possible (our newest item this year is a smoke machine!) and we put lots of food on - something to warm everyone up after we've been out and about trick and treating around the area. 

For food, I plan chilli, hot dogs (kids make chilli hot dogs), jacket spuds, pulled pork - and loads of cakes and party food bits.   And, as Halloween is on a Saturday this year, we are taking full advantage of this and planning on partying late into the night - at least until Midnight.  

For my table set-up I have Halloween themed bowls, plates, cups etc. but I wanted something new to add to my growing Halloween bits, thus, we had a little fun making and ordering from SnapFish some spooky themed coasters - perfect to use for our Halloween parties.

You can buy 6 personalised photo coasters for £9.99.

I am really pleased with them, the quality is great. I used a couple of photos that I took during last year's Halloween party, and then I used some stock photos for the others (I ordered two sets), and the result is great, they are fun and unique. They will make a fun addition to our decorations this year and other years to come.

Imaginary Fred

Imaginary Fred

Study Abroad Bratz Doll - Cloe to China  #Cloud9

Study Abroad Bratz Doll - Cloe to China #Cloud9