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Halloween with Smiffys

Halloween with Smiffys

It's Halloween soon!  

We love Halloween in our house - every year we throw a Halloween party, we decorate the house (takes us all day long), cook loads of food and welcoming all the trick or treaters knocking on our door.

Family and friends come around, we take the kids trick or treating, and when we return we play games, eat loads of sweets, and just have scary fun.  

As well as decorating the house, the fancy dress costumes are just as important to complete the day.  When I was little, we would dress ourselves in a black bag or a white linen sheet and head out on the streets knocking on the doors collecting as many sweets as possible - many wouldn't answer the door, and you would only see the odd pumpkin in the window. Halloween is much bigger now a days, the homes around here decorate their houses up, lights, pumpkins, scary cobwebs and so much more - there is one American family that live down the road that go all out, and there house looks amazing.  And, there are loads of families out trick or treating - people make a real effort, much more than when I was little. It is great fun.

For years now I've dressed up using the same outfit as a witch, and this year it is time for a change! I want to dress up as something different, a ghost - but not a white sheet boring ghost, no, I want it to be fabulously scary.

Recently I was approached by the iconic fancy dress company, Smiffys to review one of their Halloween outfits.  To which, I chose the Ghost Town Black Widow Costume. Included in the the pack, is the two piece top and long skirt, and the hat.  All I need to add to this outfit to complete the finished look is the long sleeve gloves, and the fan.  I have my own purple wig, and of course I will add the make-up - the black eyes, and contorting with black cheek bones etc..

The Ghost Town Black Widow costume I think looks great, scary and fun.  I am now ready for Halloween, and looking forward to it.

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