Project Mc2 Pixel Purse

Summer's a big fan of Project Mc2, she has a few dolls and watches the series on Netflix. 

What is Project Mc2?

Exclusive to Netflix, Project Mc2 is about four teenage girls who use their science know-how to be secret agents and save the day. The focus is on STEM studies and how they use it in ways to solve problems. Along with the Netflix series, there is a fab toy range, which are also designed to focus and encourage STEM.

Glam Goo Deluxe Pack

This half-term we've been Glam Goo'ing it.

What is Glam Goo?

You can make slime fashionably cool and have loads of fun with it. The Glam Goo Deluxe Pack includes everything you need to design your goo - you can mix in sparkles and colouring to make your slime unique and colourful - you can even add some scent to it. 


These are our first Hatchimals CollEGGitbles, and I didn't realise how excited Summer would be upon seeing them - she was super excited. I didn't realise she was aware what they were, but she was and she knew exactly what to do (thanks to the YouTube vid's she's been watching).

Since she has opened them, she has placed them in to one of her bags and carried them around with her constantly.  

Forth with Life

If, like me, you are scared of needles, and scared of blood, then this kit will probably be harder for you to do than it should be.

When I was invited to review Forth with Life, I thought, Yes, great idea, I'd love to see an insight into the condition of my health is.

Completely ignoring the fact that I am terrified of needles and rubbish when I see blood. I thought, these are small prick tests, I can handle that... pfft no problem.

Design a T-Shirt with River Island

Just before Christmas River Island sent us one of their white T-Shirts along with stickers, glitter and pens/paints and gave Jacob the challenge to make his River Island white T-Shirt to stand out from the crowd. 

Jacob loves challenges and especially anything where he gets to be creativity, and he enjoys messy activities, thus, I knew he would love this challenge, and he did.

Woooo, this is probably one of the coolest toys we have received. It's big, it's bold, it's a futuristic creepy crawly! And, Jacob absolutely loves it.

What is Meccaspider?

It's Meccano, thus, you have the fun and fulfilment of not only building it, but you also get to play with’s an interactive robot and incredibly cool.


Pokemon was much loved by my oldest son when he was younger, and now, his little brother is a big fan - I'm still kicking myself for throwing out all of Liam's old Pokemon cards, they would have been perfect for Jacob.

Freshpet Dog Joy Turkey Bacon Treats

It was earlier this year when a new fridge appeared in the pet aisle at my local Tesco's, stocking a new brand to the UK from the US, a pet food called Freshpet. I'd never heard of Freshpet before, so was excited to see what it was all about.

Freshpet offers human-grade meats and vegetables, food that’s cooked, not processed and wholesome. They offer meat meals in rolls that can be sliced into pieces, they also offer treats. Freshpet is ideal for pet parents who want to feed their pets premium, real foods but are too busy or are not confident in making it at home.

Ravensburger Bugaloop Game

Ravensburger Buggaloop is a fun board game.

The set up is very easy. You place the cardboard base piece in place of the box and attach the two tunnel tubes, and you are set to go. 

Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe Explorer

I absolutely love the Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe Explorer! It is truly fantastic and the kids love it. 

So what is it?

It's an interactive, educational, smart globe with a cool wireless updatable touch pen and 3D augmented reality. There is so much to do, to discover, to learn, to interact with, the fun is endless, and the whole time you are on an educational journey with this amazing globe.

Rebecca Adlington teams up with Baby Annabell Learns to Swim

Summer loves to go to the swimming pool and take a dip, although she is not very confident in the water as she can anxious about the experience.  If your little one is nervous about getting in the pool, then the below top tips from Rebecca Adlington are a good starting point. 

Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington teams up with Baby Annabell Learns to Swim to reveal her tips on giving youngsters confidence in the water:

K'NEX Web Weaver

We've been a fan of K'NEX for many years - the first time I bought it was for my Oldest son, 13 years ago, and since then, it has been favourite of ours; Jacob's fav construction toy.

Jacob loves K'NEX, he spends hours playing and creating all sorts of builds. I love how it brings out his creative and innovative side, this is done by him either using his own imagination or by following the instructions.  We've bought, owned and reviewed a quite a few K'NEX sets over the years, and were excited to receive the WEb Weaver to review.

Monster Island DVD

This is a fun story, it's Spooktacular fun.

I've always been a cartoon fan and really enjoy watching animated movies with the kids.  Monster Island didn't disappoint, both myself and the kids really enjoyed it. A fun story and the characters are great.

It's okay to be different!

Skagen Gitte Rose Gold Steel Ladies Mesh Watch

I've not owned a watch for, well, years. Have I missed wearing one? Yes.  So when I was invited to choose a watch to review from Plus Watches I was super excited.  

Plus Watches have some lovely watches available, from Daniel Wellington, Marc Jacobs, Emporio Armani, Michael Kors and more. It was really hard to choose just one. (In fact, I've put another one on my Santa's wish list).

Ravensburger Despicable Me 3, 3D Puzzle

Puzzles are so much fun. Great for getting the kids off their screens, and perfect for spending fun time together. And we are loving the new Despicable 3D puzzle range from Ravensburger.

The Despicable Me 3, 3D puzzle range, where you get to build unique desk accessories. We reviewed: