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Vosene kids

Today the postman brought me a small package which I opened to find I was one of the lucky 200 weekly winners and won the Vosene Kids Shampoo and Spray.

Enclosed was:
> Vosene Kids 3in1 Conditioning Shampoo 100ml.
> Vosene Kids Conditioning Detangler Spray 50ml.  

Both the Shampoo and Spray contains the natural ingredients, Tea Tree Oil and Lemon Eucalyptus and both products smell lovely, though I am sure some would disagree with me ;).

The Vosene Nitwatch competition is an ongoing weekly competition where 200 lucky winners that register and log a nit alert, could be a winner! The Nitwatch's aim is to keep those pesky nits at bay!

On the website is an interactive website which highlights all areas, where parents have reported nits. Have a look it and give it a try yourself.  Let me know how you got on.

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