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The 'Hindes' Dream Garden Makeover.

For me the garden is for the children, it is their area, and they love to be out there as much as possible, I remember the many fun hours we had in my childhood garden, the wooden seesaw we used to play with, or the round sandpit our dad built us in the bottom of the garden - it was massive to us back then and we loved it. We had a large shed where my dad set-up my brothers train track up with a little miniature village, and we also had a dart board in the shed - we would spend hours playing in that shed. I would like nothing more than to make it as fun, exciting and interactive as possible for my children.

The first stage of our dream garden makeover would be the grass. Areas of our garden is very patchy, and full of small dips and bumps, the soil is very hard and with our trampoline in the garden it shades out 12 ft of the grass, the grass unfortunately dies and looks very depleted. We would like to one day invest in artificial grass, and reap the rewards of having perfect looking green grass all year round.

Our garden parameter is 75% walled, which I feel extremely lucky to have,` it looks amazing and acts like a blank canvas to do so much more with, i.e. I would like fruit brushes at the end of my garden to grow up against the garden wall.  Mine and the kids' choices would be a blackberry bush,  pots and hanging baskets to grow strawberries, and tomatoes.   I would also love to grow my own herbs - I would purchase two planters for the herbs, 2 pots for the strawberries, and 2 hanging baskets for the tomatoes.  The kids and I can pick the blackberries and strawberries; involving the children, we would make puddings, and jams, which would be extra special as we grew this fruit in our own garden. For me it is all about bringing the outside inside and enjoying it with the kids. Hopefully showing the kids how easy it is to grow your own fruit and vegetables, so they take that wisdom away with them when they are older.

Now coming to the fun part, when the boys and I looked through the Activity Toy Direct website, my boys unanimously picked the TP ToysCastlewood Tower with Den Pack, Double Swing Set and Crazy Wavy Slide costing £510. It has two swings, a wavy slide, a tower with a fireman's pole and a den. Having three boys at varying ages, and 1 baby girl, the Castlewood Tower would cater for each of them, and stay with them to play with as they grow up, giving years of joy and laughter.
Poor football net on its last legs.
Lewis's designs in his project folder
Having three boys, they love playing football, and at the moment their football net is looking very sad with all the netting broken with big gaps in it. Looking over the Activity Toy Direct website, the boys liked the look of the EXITPanna Street Goal - 5ft x 2ft costing £59.99, it looks extremely sturdy, well built, and a nice size, it would fit well in our garden. In addition the kids would love a wooden house in the garden, and my 10 yr old is really keen to build one himself (he is a budding carpenter), he has already done his designs with his list of materials.  So I will leave him to that with hubby to build.
Finally, I would personally pick for my kids the Plum Premium Activity Table and Bench costing £197.99  I love the concept of this table with its multi-function design, the table looks perfect for the kids to have garden lunches on, they can all sit together and it would be their own special table. It also doubles up as an activity play table, it has a central compartment area designed for sand & water, which you can open and close and as my kids love playing with sand and water, this would be an excellent feature to have in our dream garden.
I would love to achieve the 'Hindes' dream garden for my children to grow up with, and hopefully they would look back when they are older, and reminisce on all the fun they had growing up with this garden, just like I do. 

“This blog post is an entry into the Tots100/Activity Toys Direct garden makeover competition”

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