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Nonabox - October 2013

Received my October Nonabox yesterday. This is my second month with Nonabox, and it has not disappointed. It was full packed of goodies and the amazing cuddly teddy was a nice surprise. 

Nonabox is a new to the UK subscription service which delivers direct to your door a gorgeous box filled with specifically selected products for mother and baby, suitable for 0 to 24 months old babies. As well as the goodies I use the box itself and it can be used to store bits and bobs - I started storing my nail polishes in the empty boxes.

The contents of my October box:

Leibniz - Zoo themed butter biscuits - it says on the packet for children, but once I tried one, I couldn't stop eating them! lol I have never noticed these in the supermarket before, but next time I am there I will be looking out for them - they are yummy. 

Waterwipes - 2 packs - I received these in the September box, I was really pleased then and I am pleased now, these are brilliant for sensitive skin as they boast they are 99.9% water based and 0.1% fruit extract - these are used very quickly in our household.

Babycup - Little bit disappointed to receive this, as again it was in the September box, so I have 2 now, it's a baby/toddlers first cup. My little princess still hasn't got the concept as she is still just tipping the juice straight out! But these little cups are great starting point in helping her to learn how to use one!

Cloud b - Sleep Sheep "On The Go" -  Last month's Nonabox I got the Cloud b Sheep Aroma Pillow, so this was a nice surprise to receive another Cloud b item. My little princess loves her pillow, and it seems the sleep sheep is a hit with her as well.  The Sleep Sheep  can be strapped to the cot with velcro tabs, and it also plays calming sounds, from a heartbeat, wave noise to a whale  

Ella's Kitchen stage 3  - Thai Curry flavour, but unfortunately no matter what baby food it is, my little princess does not like - and we have tried all of them.  So I think I will hand this over to a food bank. 

Halos N Horns - 250ml gentle and hypo-allergenic moisturising lotion, I am sure I see this being pitched on Dragons Den years ago, but I have never seen the product in shops before.  It smells divine, and it is Dermapaedic, which means it will be very good and free from any little nasties; perfect for babies/children with sensitive skin.

Teapigs  - 2 samples, both 'super fruit' flavour. I have never tried these before, and it is not something I would normally purchase to try - but this is why I love these boxes, now I will get to try one. These are tea bags bursting with super berries, and are caffeine free and the bag is biodegradable. 

Pasito a Pasito, Rattle with a bear This fits perfectly around my little princesses' wrist, and she loves wearing it like a bracelet and shaking it.  This is a wooden rattle and looks really well made.

Pasito a Pasito, wooden dummy holder  I weaned my little princess of her dummies when she was 6 months old, and she is now 14 months old, so I cannot use this, however I have a few friends that are due babies in the next couple of months. Just like the rattle with a bear, this wooden and unique.


Nonabox costs £25 on a monthly option, or if you buy a prepaid 3 monthly subscription you pay £70, and save £5, a prepaid 6 monthly subscription you pay £130, and you save £20, and finally a prepaid annual subscription you pay £250 but you save £50 overall. You also have the ability to send gift boxes. Check out www.nonabox.co.uk for more information.

Overall a great box this month, I was overjoyed to see the Sleep Sheep teddy, but then I was slightly disappointed to see the Babycup again, but the rest of this month's contents soon squashed any negative feelings.

P.S. I can't stop eating the Leibniz biscuits! 

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