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My Family Pack

Today I received the MyFamilyPack from MyFamilyClub.co.uk.

MyFamilyClub.co.uk is a great website for any parent looking for ways to save money, its full of advice and information for all families; from great days out, how to make money, to meal planners.

This is a pack full of different goodies, its MyFamilyClub way of giving all parents out there a nice little treat for you and the family.

Mine was full of an array of items:

Beano Turbo Battlerz - My youngest son nab this one straight away, and is playing with his older brother with it.

A Justin Bieber badge and sticky gems - what girls doesn't love Justin Bieber. - I will put this one away for my little princess when she gets old enough.

The Ginger People sweets - Never seen these before, definitely one to try for the taste and looking forward to trying these out, it came in a pack of two little chewy ginger candy's and 2 little hard ginger candy's.

Waterwipes - A sample pack of water wipes, these are excellent for new born babies or for sensitive skin; 99.9% water and 0.1% fruit extract, with no added extras!  I have used these before and found they are just as good as any baby wipe out there.

Plaster mywipe - This is a new product for me (I love discovering new products) A wipe that gently wipes away any residue left on the skin after you remove a plaster. It can also be used to effectively remove any kiddy temporary tattoos & transfers.

Oy! - Organic young by Green People - A sachet cleanser make-up remover & Moisturiser, that boasts 90% Organic ingredients.  This item is one for me. I am always looking for great new make-up removers.

Large pack of Post-It notes - Excellent item, I have never seen this size before, and they will come-in so handy. I will give my boys some to draw on as well, they can stick them on there wall or door if they like. :)

Then finally there was a booklet 'Food lovers Think Green' - a helpful and interesting read on how to reduce food waste at home! Food waste in the Hindes household is something we are looking to reduce, so this booklet is extremely helpful for us.

They are looking to do the pack again, so please do not miss out register your interest now http://www.myfamilyclub.co.uk/free-family-pack

Conclusion: I love receiving these types of packs and boxes, I enjoy receiving products that I have never heard of, or that have seen but never tried. I love discovering new products, and you do with this pack. 

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