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New Lenor - Supersavvyme.co.uk campaign

I have to be completely honest here, and tell you that I have never ever bothered/used fabric softener before. I always thought it as an added extra cost that is really not needed. How wrong am I! I received my Supersavvyme.co.uk Lenor campaign pack, full of free Lenor goodies. 

After trying Lenor 'Spring Awakening' from the classic range, for the first time last week, as soon as I stuck my hands in the finished wash cycle, and pulled the clothing out, I instantly felt the difference -  a softness in my laundry that I had never felt before. It also bloomed out a fresh, light and pleasant smell, which fragranced my room where I had hung my laundry up to dry. In addition I found the scent in my laundry, even after being put away in cupboards/wardrobe to really last long - opening my draw a week later, I am still getting the scent of the Lenor fragrance!

My starter pack included:
  • 1 x 750ml bottle of Lenor Spring Awakening - approx 21 washes.
  • An insider’s guide to our project and our product
  • A Lenor USB stick full of info on the product, its new technology and the brand
  • 20 x samples of New Lenor Spring Awakening - which I have been giving to friends and family.
  • 10 x 50p off coupons which I have also been giving out to friend and family etc.

New Lenor boasts it helps keep your laundry looking fresh and newer for longer, this is due to the new 'Step' technology introduced into the Lenor ingredients. The technology is a new formula which helps protect the fibres of your laundry and it will make them more resilient to wear and tear; making it less vulnerable to damage. Lenor also has the advantage of softness agents that will penetrate deeper in-between the fibres, making your laundry smoother and softening as you go.

Lenor comes in a variety of fragrances, and I am looking forward to trying my next one - I like the look of 'struck by fuchsia', which is part of the Energised Infusions range.

Have you tried Lenor before? What is your favourite Lenor scent? 

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