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Nonabox - September 2013

I received my first Nonabox, and what a lovely box full of joy!

If you haven't heard of Nonabox, it's a  box designed for mums, delivered to your door once a month full of goodies that are a surprise of between 7 to 10 items for you and for your baby.  Your box is tailored for each month of your pregnancy, and/or your babies life. I received a 1-year-old box for my lovely little 1-year-old Summer.

My box contained an array of goodies, from items that I had not heard about before, and items that I have heard about, and wanted to try. 

The lavender filled cushion from Cloud B this was an instant with my little one, she loves it!  So do I, cuddly, designed like a pillow pet, but smaller - it's actually a really nice size for a 1-year-old.

Gumigem Summer is currently teething at the moment, and chews everything she can get a hold of, so it wasn't a surprise when she got hold of the Gumigem, this modern chew toy, went straight into her mouth.  

The Waterwipes I have read about these before, and never got round to trying them, so I was really pleased when two sample packs were included in the box, these are brilliant for sensitive skin as they boast they are 99.9% water based! 

Babycup I love the idea of this, its a baby/toddlers first cup. I have been encouraging Summer to drink out of it - but she is still just tipping the juice straight out!

Nursing Tea I am not nursing anymore, but I will still give this a try.

Beaba - 360 Spoon This spoon is designed to make it easier for your little one to eat more independently, without making any mess - I don't know if this is possible, especially with Summer, she likes to make a mess with her food! ;)

Ella's Kitchen Unfortunately Summer does not like any type of baby food at all, I thought maybe she would like this one, as the texture is more of what we eat, but no, she did not entertain this at all, which was a shame.

MAM first toothbrush Perfect, nice little addition to the box, will definitely be using this toothbrush.

Nonabox costs £25 on a monthly option, or if you buy a prepaid 3 monthly subscription you pay £70, and save £5, a prepaid 6 monthly subscription you pay £130, and you save £20, and finally a prepaid annual subscription you pay £250 but you save £50 overall. You also have the ability to send gift boxes. Check out www.nonabox.co.uk for more information.

My conclusion: This subscription box, is such a fun way to discover and try innovative and useful products for you and your baby.

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