YOU Beauty Discovery Box - November 2013

At just £6.95 inc p&p you receive a well presented compact sized box. Packed with goodies.

I like these boxes, as you can try before you buy, and you get to try items that you would not normally purchase.

Every month, the YOU Beauty Discovery Box is delivered direct to your home, it will contain up to four treats: 2 Editor's favourites items, plus two more products you can pick from their shortlist - which changes each month.

This is my second YOU Beauty discovery box, and at the beginning of the month I receive an email confirming my payment has been processed, and then inviting me to the website to log into my account and choose two items from their shortlist.  

This month I picked:
-Percy & Reed Reassuringly Firm Hold Hairspray 50ml - I picked this, because I love the Percy & Reed Dry Shampoo product, but I have never tried any other products from their range. So I am excited to try this hairspray.
-Murad Osmoyte Tonic 15ml - I picked this because I have tried this brand before, and also had positive results using them, but I have never tried this tonic before, and having extremely dry skin, my skin is going to need all the extra boast I can get this winter.  The tonic comes with a spray which you can mist over your face to replenish and moisturise the skin. I am going to keep this in my handbag.

Editor's favourite items: 
-Sample packet of Lizi's Granola, Pink Apple and Cinnamon -  funny thing is, I have never ever tried granola before, mainly because I didn't like muesli as a kid. But I will definitely give it a go.  You never know, I might actually like it.   
-Montagne Jeunesse Body Smoothie Sachet - I know Motagne Jeunesse for their face masks etc.. but did not realise they did body creams etc.. This body smoothie sounds divine, can't wait to use this.

I was happy with this month's box, and I look forward to trying the products out!  There are quite a few monthly subscription beauty boxes out there now, and over the past couple of years I have tried a few, but with YOU Beauty Discovery Box, this is my favourite so far.  I appreciate that we get to pick 2 products ourselves (but be quick as the picklist items can go out of stock), and you also get the surprise factor with 1 or 2 editor's favourite items that they included in your box. 

Do you subscribe? If you do, which items did you pick? 

King of Shaves - monthly subscriptions

I have been subscribing to the King of Shaves, Shave & Save plan for 18 months now! I enjoy the convenience of this subscription, no more shaving my legs with a blunt blade.

There are three plans available: Azor 4, Azor 5 or the Azor S for woman.  You can either set up a monthly subscription or bi-monthly, depending on your needs.  Being a woman I subscribe to the S Class for Women plan on a monthly plan of £4 per month, with no extra costs for P&P. With your first subscription they send through the handle along with the first pack of blades.  I like the handle it is comfortable, and it floats in the bath, which is cool.

I receive my pack of 4 blades every month through the post, and with the advantage of never running out of blades, hubby is happy as I don't 'borrow' his blade anymore (and blunt it) "Tan! have you been using my blade again, I just cut my face"  *guilt* - none of that anymore. :). I am happy as I have fresh blade available each week.

I haven't been on the King of Shave website for a while until recently, and I spotted that they are now offering a new additional subscription for shaving oil - three different options starting from £2 per month, but as I do not shave my face, this product is not applicable to me.

But based on my experience, and how well the convenience and the blade works for me, I would recommend this to anyone that shaves using a blade. 

You can cancel the subscription at any time, they just ask for 30 days notice.

Do you use this service? Is this something you would consider? Let me know your thoughts!