Tips For DIY IN 2017

2016 for us has been all about the new extension and renovations on our home. The extension is done and we are happily using the room and enjoying the new space. But, all the renovations on the other parts of our home is not done; we still have quite a bit to do. 

Currently, we are renovating our new dining room - The dining room was our old living room, we've put a partitioned wall in, thus, we need the rooms wiring to be separated, as well as new pendant lights, new spotlights, and some new sockets.  

All this inevitably means that in 2017 we’ll be knocking some sizable holes in walls or having to replace sections altogether. While doing some research for our exciting renovations, I came across a lot of talk about asbestos in walls, ceilings and even sticking down tiles - it’s all rather scary. I know our home is safe because of checks we’ve has carried out, but it got me thinking about all my fellow DIYers and how I could help them with their new year’s decorating.

Slater and Gordon, who are specialist mesothelioma lawyers (asbestos causes mesothelioma if you didn’t know), seem to be thinking about 2017 DIY plans and have made this guide about keeping safe. It even talks about dangers while cutting MDF, which I hadn’t even known about.