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Plastic Coloured Splashbacks for the Bathroom

We've very nearly finished the extension work, with just a few bits and pieces to finish and to complete the play-room.  Then later in 2017 I hope to renovate the bathroom and the en-suite - this is our next rooms on the list for renovation.

On my dream list, is to fit the walk-in shower with acrylic splashback - a green coloured splashback. With it being plastic, it's much cheaper than the glass splashbacks, but still gives you a stylish and high gloss finished appearance. Adding a splash of colour to the bathroom.

Plastic splashbacks are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to other wall coverings as plastic can be formed and moulded into just about any shape. They offer a more vibrant and bold finish, with an array of colours and/or patterns to choose from.

Splashbacks offer a more modern, sleek and unique finish.

As well as their appearance, the other benefits plastic splashbacks offer:

  • Fully shatterproof
  • Quick and easy installation - either screwed or glued to the walls (as long as the wall is prepped beforehand)
  • They are stain resistant
  • They offer a non-stick surface so will not harbour mould, calcium build up or soap

Plastic Splashbacks are a great option for kitchens and bathrooms.

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