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Flooring for the Bedroom

Flooring for the Bedroom

After 10 years, we are finally going to bring our bedroom to life, to give it a well-deserved refresh; with the aim to make it cosy and comfortable and warm.

I have a good idea of my desired colour theme, but I am in two minds with regards to the flooring. At the moment, the bedroom is carpeted and the question is do we get a new carpet, or do we go for wood flooring? but, for the bedroom I think I definitely would prefer a nice, warm, cosy carpet.

Our bedroom isn't very big, it’s compact - we have fitted wardrobes on either side of the en suite door, a king size bed, bedside cabinets and a chest of draws squeezed into the corner. - its’ a snug space - a space that I try to maximise, but at the same time creating a nice, comfortable environment.

I really do like hard floors (I prefer the ease of cleaning hard floors), but when it comes to the bedroom I am definitely lean towards a carpet.

Carpet is a wonderful material to offer a serene and comfortable environment in the bedroom and for the new bedroom carpet, I want a light colour, not too dark, one with depth, so your feet sink into it….

Benefits of having a carpet in the bedroom:

  • It can help save energy as it is a contributor to the insulation of the room.

  • Carpet insulates floors, and the room as it provides a real feeling of warmth.

  • Carpet feels good, soft, and gentle on the feet.

  • Carpets are available in a wide array of colours and materials.

  • Carpets provide a padded surface, rather than a hard floor, and with underlay you can enhance it further.

  • Carpet offers an excellent sound absorber and can reduce the sound of walking/creaking.

What is your favourite floor covering for the bedroom?

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