Five Ways To Beautify Your Kitchen

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Giving your kitchen a makeover takes time and effort and it can be easy to lose sight of the fact that a little attention to detail can go a very long way. Once you understand that, you can understand that you don’t necessarily have to rip out and replace all of your counters and cabinets just to have a beautiful kitchen.


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A beautiful kitchen is about maximising the space you have with your own taste. So, if you are a lover of rustic antiques like the ones shown here, then you’ll be fairly likely to have wooden kitchen worktops and make use of scrubbed wooden dining tables. If you prefer something a little sharper and sleeker in looks, go for black marble or granite worktops instead. Your kitchen’s look is all about you and what you like, so you can enjoy the room as you see fit. Beautifying this space is about the little details, not the huge changes. So, how can you beautify your kitchen?

  1. Update your cabinet handles. Draws and doors often come with handles when you have a kitchen installed or you move into a new home. A simple change from chrome handles to wooden knobs can make such a difference, especially if you are going for a warm, rustic charm in your kitchen.

  2. Use light colours. Dark colours can shrink a room right down and if your current kitchen is on the dark side, swap for something pastel. A lick of paint can give a room a freshness it needs and when the natural light floods through, everything brightens up.

  3. Metallic is in! Switch out your dated plastic sink and drainer and replace from a variety of stainless steel sinks. Sleek and modern, metals in the kitchen can match beautifully. Your appliances and oven can all be in sync – no pun intended – and your sinks can match them, too!

  4. Kitchen lighting is known to be quite harsh and bright. Strip lights are very fluorescent and of course, in a place you need to be able to see clearly while chopping and preparing food it’s helpful. However, by changing over your lighting you are changing the mood of the space. Spot lights over the cooking area and low hanging drop lights or chandeliers over the eating area give the entire room two entirely different looks.

  5. Flowers are a beautiful way to change the look of your kitchen. It’s not just the colours, but the shape of the vases you use. Use several different types of vase for a different look wherever you place the blooms.

Beautifying your kitchen space isn’t about total replacement. It’s all about making it look homely, welcoming and perfect for your family. Put your stamp on it, as when children take over other rooms in the house you need a solace. Sure, it’s a place to cook, clean and eat, but it’s nice to be able to go into the kitchen to find your zen while you witness the stampede from there!