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Choosing The Right Bedding for the Bedroom

Choosing The Right Bedding for the Bedroom

Photo by  Nik Lanús  on  Unsplash

Photo by Nik Lanús on Unsplash

Over the past 2-months, and whilst hubby has been laying the dining room floor and painting downstairs, I've been slowly, bit by bit redecorating our bedroom. First I bought new bedroom furniture, next I painted the much-needed bedroom walls and then ordered myself a new mattress (which is my best buy ever! expensive, but oh so comfy which makes it so hard to get out of bed in the mornings). My next step is to purchase myself new bedding for my lovely new bed.  I've had my current bedding for a couple of years now and its dark grey and red - it looks as dull and horrible as it sounds. Thus, I want bedding that is new, fresh, and pretty. 

We spend a good chunk of our lives in bed, so I strongly believe it’s worth investing in good quality bedding, to achieve the comfortable place to rest.

Below are some points I've considered when choosing my new bedding


I prefer 100% cotton, ideal for not having to iron - I'm rubbish at ironing bedding. Cotton also gives you durability, comfort, and breathability.

Thread Count

This is the number of threads in 1 square inch of fabric. Generally, the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet. Good sheets range anywhere from 200 to 1000.


It goes without saying you should buy the correct size sheet. I prefer fitted sheets, as it helps to ensure a smooth, snug fit - plus I don't have the desire or time to do hospital corners with unfitted sheets.


I've still not made my mind up yet, whether I want plain sheets or sheets with patterns. I do know that I want whites and light pastel colours, nothing bright or too vivid in colour - the complete opposite of what I currently have. 

So I have a rough idea of what I want, but I still need some visual inspiration, thus, I've been looking on the Julian Charles website - they have some lovely bedding! I've spotted a few I like, I just have to narrow them down now.

Who are Julian Charles? They are a British company who prides themselves on producing luxury bedding, curtains, and soft furnishings. They're a family run company who have been around for over many generations, and their range offers plenty of inspirational ideas, helping you find your dream soft furnishing for your home.


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