Adding Storage Space

Storage is an ongoing battle in my home, with 4 kids and a ton of toys (and everything else), I am constantly looking for better and more effective storage solutions.  If you have children, you will understand, that it's always a case for making more space for the toys, and less space for your stuff/belongings. 

Last week hubby put another two shelves in the lounge cupboard for me, to optimise the space within the cupboard, which means I can now store more toys away, but they are also easily accessible for the kids to get them out and play. And I am still plotting where I can get more shelves, more storage, and with Christmas coming up, you know what that means, loads more new toys. Yes, we have had a clear out, but that seemed fruitless as we didn't achieve a great deal of extra space. 

Then there are my books - I am a book worm and love my books, not sure why, but I find it terribly hard to get rid of my books, so I don't, even with my hubby requests.  So currently we have a few boxes stacked in our garage and in our loft, all full of books, my books, and the children books.  It’s the one thing I horde. Some of my books I have had since I was a child, some were my grandparents, and most have a meaning and connection to me, ones that I don't want to let go off.  

So we are thinking of knocking through and converting the garage into a play room next year - hubby said "you will have to get rid of those boxes of books" I thought about it, I did, but I keep coming to the conclusion that I simply cannot. I want to hold on to those books for as long as possible and I would rather store them. So what are my solutions- first thought is a storage centres like the Warehouse Storage Solutions Ltd, who offer a racking system, a place that will help me keep my precise books safe and sound - free from pests and damp. Other than that, I am open to ideas.