4 Tips To Choosing A Modern Bathroom Vanity

Choosing a vanity for your bathroom may not exactly be a glamorous task, but it is a task that needs to be done nonetheless. There's no denying the fact that a bathroom vanity either makes or breaks the design of your bathroom. If the vanity is placed in an awkward space, uses poor or mismatched materials, or does not boast of enough storage space, the rest of your bathroom will greatly suffer. Without straying away from the topic any further, here are 4 tips to choosing a modern bathroom vanity! If you are looking for bathroom vanity units in the UK, you should start your search here, bathroom city.co.uk!   

Choosing The Right Bedding for the Bedroom

Over the past 2-months, and whilst hubby has been laying the dining room floor and painting downstairs, I've been slowly, bit by bit redecorating our bedroom. First I bought new bedroom furniture, next I painted the much-needed bedroom walls and then ordered myself a new mattress (which is my best buy ever! expensive, but oh so comfy which makes it so hard to get out of bed in the mornings). My next step is to purchase myself new bedding for my lovely new bed.  I've had my current bedding for a couple of years now and its dark grey and red - it looks as dull and horrible as it sounds. Thus, I want bedding that is new, fresh, and pretty

Surprising Ways That You're Probably Wasting Space At Home

There isn't anyone out there who wouldn't like at least a little more space at home. After all, even people living in huge homes can end up feeling a little bit cramped at times. For a lot of people, the solution is just to move to a bigger home. This can cause problems for a couple of reasons. For one thing, that's definitely easier said than done! After all, if you're living in a particular sized home, it's probably because that's the home that you and your family can currently afford at the current moment. That's not to say that you won't be earning more in the future, but it's hardly a good idea to hold out until then to start feeling comfortable in your home.

8 Ways to totally Re-Invent your Bathroom

Whether it’s an issue with lighting, problems with the hot water, or a drippy tap driving everyone crazy, something always needs fixing in the bathroom. Sometimes, when it comes to decorating or transforming your home, the bathroom can often slip down to the bottom of the priority list, which is funny, because when it comes to home necessities, it is probably the one room that we all need the most (without going into too much detail). For a space that we spend a lot of time in, it can be a bit depressing if it’s dated, dull or shabby. There might even be some of you that have had a spur of motivation, begun a complete bathroom overhaul and then life got in the way. Your bathroom may now be half tiled, have bare floorboards and no storage and some of you might be all too familiar with a cold shower. If this is you, it is definitely time you did something about the situation.

Getting Your Home In Shape For Summer

The warm summer months are on their way. Now is the time to prepare your home, so that you can spend your time off in the summer soaking up the sun and not cleaning or carrying out DIY projects. Here are just a few preparations you should be making.

Have a spring clean

Designing The Ultimate Home Cinema That Your Kids Are Sure To Love

While it’s a lot of fun to go out to the cinema for the evening with the kids, it’s also incredibly expensive. It costs around £8 per person, that means for a family of five a trip to the cinema costs at least £40, and that’s without popcorn or other snacks. That’s a lot of money when you think about it - it’s the majority of a week’s food shop! For this reason, more and more families are choosing to save money in the long-run and build their own home cinemas. Sure, these don’t come cheap, but they are worth the money because of what they save you in terms of cinema costs in the long-term. Fancy creating your own home cinema? Here’s how to go about it:

The Art Of Creating Focal Points In Your Home

Something that soon becomes a challenge for anyone without much interior design expertise or experience is that of creating a focal point in a room. If you are serious about turning your home into a classy and stylish interior, then having a focal point in each room is likely to be high on your list of priorities. The fact is, many people know about creating focal points, but not exactly how to do it. In this article, we are going to attempt to answer that question by looking at some of the essential components of any focal point.

Little Changes To Make Your Bathroom Perfect For Your Family

A lot of us don’t do many changes to our bathroom when we move into a new property. After all, it’s easy to stick with it if it has everything we need! But it’s not going to be perfect for your family if it’s not your own choices. Therefore, it might be time to make some changes to make the room more personal. In fact, here are some ways you can make your bathroom perfect for your family.

If you are wondering what oilcloth tablecloths are and how is it different from the other tablecloths, then worry not as today will be the day that you will be able to differentiate all those types of tablecloth.

Oilcloths have been around since the 19th century. It was first used as floorcloth to cover the floorings. It was very popular back then because it was cheap and easy to maintain. With its waterproof and stain-proof features, people can easily clean oilcloths with damp rugs and other types of cloth. It was mistakenly called linoleum back then.

Decorating the Boys Room

My two youngest boys share a bedroom. The bedroom is large, it runs the length of the garage below. But as they get older, Lewis now 14, Jacob 7, they want their own space. The main plan is to put a partition wall up, making the one room into two rooms, giving them a separate bedroom each.  However, it's not on the todo list this year, as the main priority is to convert the garage into a play room.