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8 Ways to totally Re-Invent your Bathroom

8 Ways to totally Re-Invent your Bathroom

Whether it’s an issue with lighting, problems with the hot water, or a drippy tap driving everyone crazy, something always needs fixing in the bathroom. Sometimes, when it comes to decorating or transforming your home, the bathroom can often slip down to the bottom of the priority list, which is funny, because when it comes to home necessities, it is probably the one room that we all need the most (without going into too much detail). For a space that we spend a lot of time in, it can be a bit depressing if it’s dated, dull or shabby. There might even be some of you that have had a spur of motivation, begun a complete bathroom overhaul and then life got in the way. Your bathroom may now be half tiled, have bare floorboards and no storage and some of you might be all too familiar with a cold shower. If this is you, it is definitely time you did something about the situation.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Basically, now is your excuse to get a big, fancy mirror, as these things are not only practical but can also look really great in the bathroom. When choosing a mirror for your bathroom, you want something that is going to be extremely clear and precise (because it is often here that make up will get applied!) but also something that is also going to look nice and fit in with your bathroom’s design. Backlit mirrors are a great choice because rather than having an ugly, overly bright light hang over the top of your mirror, the light is hidden inside and provides perfect, soft illumination, plus you can feel like a film star whilst applying your foundation – total win.

Get Creative with Storage

Most bathrooms are typically small in size and so storage can often be an issue. Even if you have a fair sized bathroom, I can guarantee there is all kinds of rubbish that falls out of your bathroom cupboard when you open it, shampoo bottle after shampoo bottle gather dust on the side of the bath, and towels are stuffed awkwardly on the radiator. A simple storage solution would be to have some cabinets fitted and put everything away neatly. However, this can risk your bathroom looking a little ‘too’ clean (is there such a thing?) and a little clinical. Using creative storage solutions such as wicker baskets to store toilet rolls, cute mason jars to store make up brushes and shelves to house your rolled up towels means that you are killing storage and decoration with one stone.

Get rid of the Shower Curtain!

Shower curtains are finally becoming a thing of the past, and if you are still clinging tightly on to yours, it’s time to get rid. Not only do they just look a little 90’s, they also gather all kinds of dirt and grime, and they are an absolute pain to clean – basically, they rarely look good, and there are some great alternatives that will spruce up your space in an instant. If you like a minimalistic approach, then a plain glass screen will do the job just as well, and whilst it may get a little grubby through steam and fingerprints, a quick wipe with glass cleaner and it will look like new again. If you want something a little more creative, you could forget the idea of containment altogether (curtain or glass) and opt for a wet room. Open plan can often allow for small spaces to appear bigger and a wet room is a stylish, contemporary alternative to the traditional bathroom. You can also have a lot of fun with the décor and create dimensions using tiling techniques.

Go all green Fingered

Plants are a great, natural decoration for any part of the house, but they work particularly well in brightening up bathroom décor and adding a fresh feel to even the pokiest of spaces. Greenery can also create a fab sense of tranquillity, making your bathroom a relaxing and mindful space. There are a range of different house plants that will thrive in your bathroom environment and due to low light and high humidity, it is probably the best place in the house to have them. Orchids look great placed in the bathroom and will automatically give your loo a luxurious spa feel! If you want to go a bit greener, then something as simple as an Ivy pant will provide a fresh pop of colour – especially if your bathroom is white!

Put on your Overalls

It can sometimes be all too tempting to keep it plain and simple when it comes to bathroom decoration. Whilst this might work for some spaces, if your bathroom is a considerable size, you might want to tone down the white with a bit of bold colour. Giving a lick of paint to bare walls can really enhance the mood of a room and you will be surprised at the different it can make to its overall appearance! Why not go for something a little crazy like a bright pink or maybe a patterned wallpaper? Go on, be brave!

Spruce up your Bath

Of course, everyone dreams of a huge, standalone bath, full to the top with bubbles and candles, but in reality, a lot of bathrooms are simply too small and so if we want the luxury of a bath it has to be fitted in. But not to worry! There are still plenty of ways to make a fitted bath look chic and expensive. If your existing one is looking a little tattered, why not re-tile around it? Big, white tiles with dark grouting can immediately make for a funky look or why not fit a new tap onto your existing tub? Big, gold vintage taps can immediately turn a basic bath tub into something grand and upmarket.

Be a little Daring, Darling

If there is room for it, why not buy a piece of funky, modern furniture to sit in your bathroom such as a patterned chair or stool or even a big piece of elaborate wall art? When it comes to wall art, the bathroom is definitely a space for quirky, funny pieces that you wouldn’t necessarily hang anywhere else in the house, so why not go a little crazy?

Out with the Old, In with the New

If you want a fresh, new bathroom, you’re going to have to just bite the bullet and do it. Bite the bullet and bin any shabby, threadbare towels and grubby bath mats and buy completely new. There is only so long that towels and bath mats can stay looking fresh, and sometimes the accessories in a bathroom can really contribute to its overall look and feel, particularly if you have opted for the on display storage solutions I mentioned earlier. When buying new towels, you don’t have to go totally expensive – shops such supermarket home ranges or stores such as Wilkos and Matalan do really nice towels and other bathroom essentials for really reasonable prices – just make sure you choose a colour scheme and stick to it!

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