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5 creative ways to decorate your bathroom

5 creative ways to decorate your bathroom

Photo by  Abigail Lynn  on  Unsplash

5 creative ways to decorate your bathroom

Many people play it safe when it comes to decorating bathrooms. If you're bored with the standard and plain designs that are commonplace, there are some simple and creative changes you can make that won't require an entire renovation. 

If you want a bathroom that stands out from the rest, read on for some creative decor tips. 

Paint the radiator a crazy colour. 

If your bathroom consists of mostly muted, monochrome tones, it can start looking a little clinical. One of the best ways to avoid the room looking boring is by incorporating pops of colour

Choose your favourite vibrant hue and give your radiator a coat of paint. Why not go for a bold royal blue, a pastel purple, or a bright and cheerful yellow? You can also extend this to shelves and small cabinets if you want to repeat the look throughout the room. 

Upcycle an old bicycle into a bathroom sink. 

Whether you're a cycling enthusiast or just a lover of vintage, re-using an old bicycle as the base for your sink is unique yet practical. Simply use the frame of the bike to support the weight of the basin and countertop. This creation by New Orleans artist Benjamin Bullins uses the basket to store hand towels, but it could also be used for any toiletries. 

This is a guaranteed way for your bathroom to stand out, and every guest that comes through will be immediately impressed. Another plus is the use of existing materials, so it's one to consider if you're a lover of recycling. 

Place a fish tank in the bathroom. 

One way to add some life to a room is with aquatic life! Fish can be a perfect first pet, and keeping them in the bathroom will definitely remind you to feed them. 

If you're into the idea but not sure where to start, Fish Lab has you covered with all the best aquarium equipment you could ever need. They'll also help you set up your first tank, and teach you about the various breeds of fish.

Hang your towels on a rustic ladder. 

Replace your standard silver towel racks and go for something with a little more character. Bamboo ladders to hang your towels on are available to buy at many home decor shops and are incredibly affordable. 

Alternatively, you can easily re-purpose a ladder you already own. If you're really in the mood for some DIY, you can even follow this step by step guide to building one from scratch. 

Divide space with a screen. 

Screen dividers are great if you have a large, open space bathroom. Not only do they obviously divide your room, but they can be used for other purposes too, such as hiding away clutter. You can find vibrantly coloured oriental dividers to use as a beautiful decorative piece. 



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