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Understanding the Difference Between Fresh & Frozen Donor Eggs

Are you struggling to get pregnant and not sure which step to take next? It may be time to explore using a frozen egg donor. Recently, there have been major technological advancements with freezing eggs. As a result, success rates of frozen egg cycles now rival some of the best fresh donor programs in the country. Facing infertility can be emotionally draining, but IVF with frozen donor eggs gives you hope by providing another chance for you to give birth to your own child. There are so many important benefits of a frozen donor egg cycle to consider when saving for donor egg costs.

Shorter Process

One of the main advantages of using frozen donor eggs is that the frozen eggs are immediately available whenever the time is right for you. Once your pre-screening is complete, it typically takes four to six weeks to prepare for your cycle. This is a huge advantage over fresh cycles where women typically wait about a year for a donor, and then can face further delays or cancellations due to the complexities of coordinating with the donor.

Less Expensive

Frozen donor egg IVF offers a more affordable option, typically at half the cost of a fresh donor IVF cycle. Additionally, reduced pricing is available when you purchase the eggs in a bundle with a treatment plan. When you are already feeling on edge about the process, it is nice to know that you have an option that will cost less.

Larger Donor Pool

Receiving frozen eggs from a national egg bank provides you with a larger pool of possible donors, unlike the fresh donor egg option which tends to be smaller and more localized.

Additionally, you can feel comfortable when choosing the donor eggs given the thorough screening process and detailed background information provided by the egg bank. Each donor undergoes an intensive medical, genetic, and psychological screening.

Guaranteed Quality

By going through the egg bank, you are guaranteed mature eggs for sperm insemination to create a viable embryo. If all eggs available in the egg lot are thawed and fertilized, the egg bank will guarantee that at least one or more normal developing embryos will be available for transfer by day 3. The egg bank offers several plans that give you peace of mind that you will be given the best tools possible for a successful pregnancy.

Less Coordination

IVF with frozen donor eggs is a much simpler process than using fresh donor eggs because you have only one person to worry about coordinating—yourself. During fresh donor egg IVF, your menstrual cycle and your donor’s cycle need to be synchronized. This can be very challenging and frustrating since you must rely on another person to do everything right in a given time frame. However, with frozen donor eggs, the number of steps are reduced because the eggs are already retrieved and ready to be fertilized. Ultimately, you will have fewer doctors’ visits, require less medication, and avoid stressing about coordinating your schedule with the donor’s. Also, frozen egg donation cycles are rarely cancelled compared to other types of fertility treatments. This is primarily due to the fact that you do not need to rely on other individuals during the process.

Consist Genetics For Future Pregnancies

Finally, by using frozen eggs, you may have the option to reserve additional eggs from the same donor when making your selection. This means that your children would have the same genetic background.

Choosing Frozen Donor Eggs

When it comes to understanding infertility, the problem can seem overwhelming. Take advantage of the benefits mentioned in this article and enroll in a frozen egg donor program today. This incredible process could be the answer you’ve been searching for.








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