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Professor Scrubbington's Hamper Review & Giveaway

Jacob is at that age where he is trying to be more independent with washing and cleaning himself and it is always good to encourage and influence the way in which children approach personal hygiene, which will stay with them for life. 

The principles of hygiene should be made part of everyday life and the best way to do this, I feel is to give them a sense of independence, encouragement and to make it fun.           

No one wants their child to be the smelly kid in class, but getting them to understand the importance of brushing their teeth and washing their body can be a challenge. Hygiene can seem boring and a hassle.                           

Professor Scrubbingtons Emporium of Clean

- Probably the coolest name for toiletries ever! This exciting new toiletries range is designed for primary school children, made from natural ingredients with no hidden nasties and child-friendly dispensers, i.e. easy-squeeze bottles which can be operated with a single pump.  

The hamper arrived in a very cool box, packed full with Professor Scrubbington's goodies. It has everything you need to give your child the independence to look after their own hygiene and it is foamy fun:

  • Hand Washing - Probably the single most important factor relating to the spread of germs. The magical foaming hand & face wash made with moisturising, natural ingredients so you can scrub the dirt away and keep the germs at bay.
  • Body Washing - The magically foaming hair and body wash, give them their own way to keep their bodies squeaky clean.
  • Hair Washing - For many young children, the water in their face during hair washes makes them fearful, thus, washing hair can become a challenge. But with the magically foaming shampoo and conditioner, it can be fun.
  • Body Odour - Jacob is too young for this yet, but for Lewis, the magically fragrant roll-on, a gentle deodorant better suited to neutralising the niffs that can emanate from even a young person, is perfect.

For your chance to win this cool box full of Professor Scrubbington's goodies, all you have to do to entry to be in for a chance to win, is follow the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck.

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