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NasalGuard Cold & Flu Block #blockthatcold

This summer school holidays we will be joining in with the NasalGuard #blockthatcold challenge. 

NasalGuard Cold&FluBlock is a drug-free solution to reduce the risk of getting sick from airborne viruses.  With the topical (patented technology) gel it creates a block against viruses entering your nasal passages. 

So leading up to the end of the school holidays, and also during the start of the new term we will be testing out the Cold&FluBlock in an attempt to stay cold and flu free. Look out for that review in September. Features of Cold&FluBlock:

  • Up to 150 applications available per tube.
  • NasalGuard Cold&FluBlock is easy to apply and easy to carry around with you.
  • It is non-drowsy.
  • No odours.
  • Suitable for children and pregnant women.
  • Easily applied under or over makeup.
  • No Prescription needed.
  • It is drug-free.


You should start to use and apply the gel before the start of flu season and use it daily for maximum protection.  You put a small drop of Cold&FluBlock on your finger, rub the gel between your fingers and place a thin layer around your nostrils and above your upper lip, until dry. You can apply it several times throughout the day; after a shower, before bedtime, in the morning, and it is always good to apply before you enter high exposure areas like crowded places.

If you would like to join me and others in the challenge, then please enter in the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win a tube of NasalGuard Cold&FluBlock. If you cannot wait and would like to give it a go now, then you can purchase it any major drug stores for £11.99. You can follow the challenge on Twitter using  #blockthatcold.

Good luck.

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