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EQUIP Waterless Wipes

Introduction : EQUIP is a ‘waterless wash’ range of products, designed to use for any situation, from taking care of children or elderly relatives to feeling fresh and clean whilst camping. They offer waterless wash solutions which are fully portable and most importantly, reliable. No water needed


  • Wash Mits: these are pre-moistened wash mitts which are super-thick, and strong. Designed to cleanse and moisturise and leave you with that fresh feeling.
  • Oversized Wipes: the large surface wipes makes it easier to clean your body and they are soothing. With luxurious ingredients of coconut extract, aloe vera and Karanja nut.
  • Protective Wipes: these are hygiene wipes, designed for your most intimate places. Formulated with an anti-itch ingredient, Canadian willow herb, they work to protect and keep fresh.
  • Shower Cap: a wash shampoo cap which is really easy to use. Cover all your hair with the cap, and massage your head for a couple of minutes to release the shampoo and conditioner. This action cleanses the hair and scalp. No water or rinsing needed. The cap can also be heated up in a microwave for a nice warm cleanse.

Features :

  • Dermatologically tested and pH balanced so they’re mild and kind to skin.
  • Clinically tested and safe for skin.
  • Large wipes for more coverage.

Conclusion : The range of products are very handy and they are a must have for camping, a festival, or whilst on a long journey etc.. I like that they are thick material, so they hold up well and do not rip, and then when you are finished you simply throw it away. They are also caring on the skin.

EQUIP are available to buy in Sainsbury's and Tesco.

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