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Chicken Charades by University Games + Giveaway

Introduction : Charades is a word guessing game a game where you have to act out a word, and your fellow players have to try and guess that word. 

The idea is to use physical rather than verbal language to convey the meaning across, and Chicken Charades brings a new dimension into this retro game, which is, you have to use the rubber chicken to act out your words. 

Experience:  You have to use the squeaky chicken prop to perform your actions, but you need to be quick as you only get 10 seconds, which is counted by the included sand timer. Whoever guesses the answer correctly wins 1 point, the first person to earn 10 points is the winner.  There are over 1000 words on the cards to choose from, so lots to keep you going and the recommended age is for 8+ years (Jacob, slightly younger than the nominated age, loves playing it, he can't read all the words, so I have to whisper it to him and then he gets his brothers to guess the word). And you need at least 3 players

Conclusion : Chicken Charades is a hilarious traditional game with a twist, where the kids (and adults) get to be a bit silly and noisy. The rubber 'squeaky' chicken, brings the game alive as it makes you more animated whilst trying to convey the word you want your fellow players to guess, making it that much more fun. This is a great game for the entire family and the perfect gift. 

You can purchase Chicken Charades in most major toy shops, supermarkets and Amazon.


- for a chance to win Chicken Charades, please follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck.


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