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The magically land of BeWilderwood in Norfolk is an adventure park like no other, a place where you get to experience where Tom Blofeld's characters from his children's books live; BeWilderwood welcomes you to the Twiggle village, the Boggle village, and not forgetting the Dismal Dyke, and Scaaaary Lake all of which are the homes to Swampy the marsh boggle, Mildred the crocklebogs, Moss & Leaflette, Hazel the wood witch, Snagglefang, Vera the hippopotamuddle, Minty & Millicent, Willow & Sticklenose and Thornyclod spider;

And this summer BeWilderwood are bringing you their new addition to the park; high up in the treetop canopy the brand new Sky Maze, a new adventure and discovery experience which will take your imagination to new heights. Made up of tunnels, walkways, cargo nets, spiral staircases, zig zag beams and spectacular vantage points Sky Maze is sure to delight. Weaving its way through natures playground, the new experience stretches nearly 1/2 km and reaches over 8 metres in height. 

If you would like to be in with a chance to win a fantastic family of 4 (2 adults & 2 children) ticket to BeWilderwood and to experience the new Sky Maze which will be launching for the children's holiday this summer, then please enter in the widget below. Good Luck.

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