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What's the Value of Mum?

What's the Value of Mum?

According to recentresearch, carried out by Legal & General Insurance, mums are actually worth more than dads - their research concluded that dads are worth £23,971 while mums are worth £31,627. That is when it comes to unpaid childcare and daily household choirs. 

Families are different though, take mine for example, my husband does just as much as me, he is the main cook and often can be found with a hoover in his hands, but then we both do work full-time jobs. So we are a team and what I like to say is, we have equal value. 

But, I work from home, thus, I am home more than my husband. And what this means is, I get used as a chauffeur service for my teenagers trips to the gym, I take my youngest son swimming lessons, running errands back and forth, school drop offs, and then the house- I clean the bathrooms, the washing is non-stop as well as everything else running a family home brings you.

I probably have a slight unfair advantage,I love that I work from home and feel extremely lucky to be in this position, I am able to do things for my children at the drop of a hat (most of the time) and just be there for a cuddle when they need one. 

But then there are the disadvantages, where my husband finishes work at 5 and he comes home and has a work free evening. I don't switch off (one of the disadvantages of working from home, is not always able to just switch off), I continue to work in the evening - so am I being modest, do I do more than my hubby -just don't tell him I said that

The point is, I value how hard he works as a hubby and as a dad, as well as his demanding job, and I know he values me with the same high esteem.

But, of course, the value of a mum (not forgetting the dad) is worth so much more than just money. 

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