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We've Been Out and About Again - Our Walk

We've Been Out and About Again - Our Walk

We'd only gone and left Jacob's wellies in the garden since the weekend before, hence, they were soaked when he went to put them on - (we had a half an hour of trying to find them before we checked in the garden!) So we had to make a detour to the shoe shop to purchase him new ones before our walk. 

He had his "I don't want new ones, I want my ones" grumpy head on, so it took a little longer in the shoe shop and convincing him to pick new ones then we had wanted, but then kids are great at being a pain in the butt.

He has a sensitivity to his clothing and shoes, and well, anything new takes a lot of jigging, moaning, and taking on and off a hundred times before he settles down.

So at the start of the walk we had a few start and stops and taking the wellies on and off, until he finally got himself comfortable in them. Then once, he was settled, we were off without any further grumbles.

We ended up 'off the beaten path' and through the foliage. Jacob picked up a stick, to bash his way through, he stopped and helped Summer a few times.

Summer got something in her boot, so we had to empty them.

The dogs enjoyed the off the beaten path just as much as well did - they ran, jump and played amongst the foliage.

There's something about the edge of the forest. It's simply an awesome sight. The trees stand together a sign of strength and unity, it's mysterious and wonderful.

I will never stop loving the sight of the woods.

There's a few abandon cars in the forest, but this one is in the open space and burnt out.

In the woods we went, the kids love to run up and down the hills and through the trees.

We found some dens.

We can't go on a walk without the kids climbing a tree or two. There's something irresistible about finding the right little notches to place their feet, pulling themselves up from branch to branch and looking down on how high they dared to go. There is so much joy in climbing a tree.

The kids always finish off our walk climbing this old tree. It's near the car park and it's their last blast of fun before we leave the woods. 

Our Walk In Photos

Our Walk In Photos

Our Walk

Our Walk