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The Lost Passport

The Lost Passport

We booked our holiday back in April and we go next month. The first thing I did was check the passports, I knew we had to renew a couple of the kids passports, but hubby's and mine had over a year left. I managed to locate mine and the kids, but I could not find hubby's. At the time, I wasn't too worried, as I knew (hoped) it was in the house somewhere, and we would find it, no rush! 

How wrong were we, 3 months later, we still can't find it. We have now accepted defeat, reported it lost and applied for a new one. 

But that was only after we searched high and low for it - everywhere in the house and in both cars. I looked in the loft, just in case I stuck it in one of the boxes where I store all the kids arts and schoolwork, and we turned the sofas on the side slit the bottom and made sure it hadn't slipped down the side, it hadn't.

I do remember the last time we used it, which was just over a year ago now and that was to renew hubby's drivers licence, I left it in the kitchen cupboard and didn't put it away - this is the last time we can remember seeing it. 

The only explanation we have is we must have chucked it in the bin by accident, it probably got mixed with paper, and we the threw the paper out along with the passport - although, this is just a guess - And, knowing our luck we will find it once the new one arrives.

Then there is the lost EHIC card - as well as getting a replacement passport, the other item I need to update before we go on our holiday next month is our European EHIC Cards - Liam took his on a school trip last year, and now we can't find his. In addition, I need a new one for Summer. 

Although, it may not seem it after reading this post, but I am normally much more organized, I think there is something in the air this year!

Once we have hubby's passport sorted and our EHIC cards, we will be all sorted and ready for our holiday. And, I will be sure to always put the passports away.

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