Play Date Ideas

Below is my list of great ideas for the perfect play dates:

  • Baking - Kids love baking cakes, whether from scratch or from a kit, but what they like best is getting to eat what they made.
  • Garden Picnic -  A simple, fun and timeless activity - putting a small picnic together and eating it out on the garden grass, the kids love this mini adventure.
  • Crafts - As long as you can live with a little mess, crafts are a great source of play date fun, no matter what the age of the kids is..
  • Hide and Seek - All kids are partial to hide-and-seek, either because they love the challenge of finding a hidden friend or they excitement and suspense of waiting to be found! 
  • Outside adventures- Instead of staying indoor, heading out to your local park, is so much more fun, or a walk came be full of discovery and adventure.
  • Tradition broad games - The perfect rainy-day play date for kids, a board game you own, clear off the dining room table, and play some fun games.
  • Tent/den building - Whether it be between the sofa's or under the dinning room table, building a tent/den is so much fun, and very rewarding.

An outside adventure in the woods.

Playing a board game in the garden

The kids making smoothies.