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Our Walk - Walberswick

Our Walk - Walberswick

Walberswick is a small and idyllically secluded village on the coast. It's beautiful. It has the beach, sand dunes, marshes, history and so much more. I've not been to Walberswick beach for many years, my kids have never been and we were excited to go - it's a popular place to visit, especially as it's perfect for crabbing, taking walks and spotting wildlife.  

We'd been threatening to go for ages until we finally went. It was a very windy day, but beautiful. We walked along the beach and crabs were washing up. The kids loved it, they collected an array of shells and stones.


The kids wanted to walk along the stony beach rather than the dunes, so it took a little longer - it's much harder to walk on the stones. But, the kids were collecting stones and shells - and throwing a few stones into the sea. They each had filled their pockets full of stones and shells they collected. 


It was very windy - Jacob helping Summer get her coat on and hood up.


The crabs were washing up as we walked along, Jacob found a few baby ones. 


The dogs loved it too. There were loads of dog walkers - I've never seen so many Jack Russells.


We headed off the beach into the marshes, and then up the hills.


We spotted a man cutting down the hay.


We found a pillbox on the cliff. It was clean! the pillboxes on our beach are fill of rubbish and broken glass, so it was nice for the kids to be able to go down into one.


On our way back to the car.  

We'll be visiting again soon. It's only half an hour drive up the road for us.

Our walk - Herringfleet

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Our Walk In Photos

Our Walk In Photos