Our Walk In Photos

Our family walk.

We were back to Fritton Woods this week - it's our new favourite place for walks. But, this week we stuck to the paths.

This time mother in law came along, she does a few times but hasn't since Christmas, and we love it when she comes, the kids especially love it and she loves it too. She has her wellies especially for our walks, and a ramblers walkers stick which helps her. Even better I managed to get Lewis to come with us - being a teen it's harder and harder to get him to come out with us. 

Jacob was in a particularly mischevious mood and took it upon himself to find and throw pine cones at Lewis and his dad.  Of course, Lewis returned some back and it turned into a fun dive bomb battle.

Lewis jumped across the stream, egged on by his brother and his dad.  Completely ignoring my 'you'll land on your bum, don't do it' pleads. He didn't land on his bum.

And, we went on a different route around the woods and discovered some pretty cool things - like a scary forest shed.


Lewis doesn't always come with us on walks, but when he does, Jacob and Summer love it. He's so much fun!

We stumbled upon a errie forest shed.

The kids discovered if they shouted, it echoed. Which was pretty cool. (We were wondering why on our last visit here we could hear kids shouting)

We were rather muddy. Muddy = good walk, right?!