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Our walk - Herringfleet

Our walk - Herringfleet


We've not been to Herringfleet in a few months - it's one of the kids favourite walks to go (because of all the tree swings in the wooded area).  The main reason we've avoided it is, when we last visited in January the village owner put a note up warning they were placing cattle in the field.  Which means we won't be able to allow our dogs to run free.  And so we avoided it. Hubby drives past it everyday to go to work and he mentioned that the cattle were gone, and so, off we went. And, we had a great day!

The first thing we noticed whilst walking down to the wooded part, was all the foliage had been cut right back - old hidden paths were now visible and so we couldn't resist to go off trial and have a look.  It was the best decision; we discovered a 2nd derelict shepherds hut - this one is much more run down than the other one on the main path.  Jacob found a sheep skull, clay pigeon discs, a coin, and for the first time ever (for me and the kids, hubby has seen plenty before) 2 wild snakes! They quickly slithered past us over the path into the undergrowth, which we were all very excited about, but the kids were a little spooked after that - they kept double checking the trees before climbing on them. The snakes were so quick I didn't manage to capture them on a photo.


The beautiful shepherd huts have much history and such a charm about them.


Jacob found a 'lucky' coin.


The kids love climbing the tress, and the best part about Herringfleet is the amount of tree swings there is! there are plenty.


rope swings...


wooden seat swings...


We stumbled across a den someone had built and left - we know the army cadets and scouts come to these woods a lot.


The beautiful old windmill in the background - you can go visit it, but it's across the dyke, which is easy enough to get too, but once you cross over, there are cattle grazing- which we have to avoid with our two dogs - one day we will walk up to take a closer look at the windmill.


Jacob and Summer were really excited to find these 'baby' pinecones'


Tire swings...

This one is their favourite tree swings - on a hill and there is a rope swing and also a tire swing.


Back to the car we go.


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