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Our Walk

Our Walk

Every weekend, we take the kids and the dogs out for a walk, no matter the weather, come rain or come shine, we love to venture out. I love to take my camera and capture as many moments as I can. That same evening I will sit down and upload all the photos I took and go through each one. With this post, I'm sharing my favourite photos from our walk last weekend.

Last weekend we visited Herringfleet, it's a place the kids love to go. It's a beautifully secluded area, that includes heathland, hills and woodlands, along the Broads - perfect for the dogs (and kids) to run free.  In the woods, there's an old derelict shepherd's hut and a few rope swings that the kids play on - lots of discovery and adventure.

The kids love this old derelict shepherd's hut. Situated at the bottom of the hill, at the start of the woodlands.

The hill had recently been cleared of overgrown foliage, and so the kid's wanted to venture up to see what was on the top. It was just a farm field, so we came back down and continued our walk through the woods.

We found snow, a little bit, but the kids loved it and knowing the East Anglia coast, this is all the snow we will have this winter. We take what we can when it comes to snow.

Kiwi ended up in the dyke (I don't know if she jumped or fell in), and she swam to the other side - the problem being, it is a maze of dykes the other side, thus, we ran up to find a crossing for her, but the dyke veered off in the back direction, so we ran all the way back (all the time she was barking and following us along) until we finally found a place we could get her back over.  By then, the kids were pretty upset; Kiwi was soaked, muddy and she stunk - but she was okay.

There are a few rope swings through the woods, the kids love to go on every single one.

Time for a pit stop - some chocolate for us, and a water for Kiwi and Poppy.

Towards the end of the woodland walk, there are some fun tree swings situated on a hill - this is probably the kids favourite part, as well as the dogs, as they love to run up and around the hill whilst the kids swing in the tire or hang on the rope.

After a good couple of hours in the woods, we trek back up the hill towards the heathland.

The kids can't resist traipsing through the muddle puddles.

And picking up and breaking the sheets of ice that coated the puddle.

And, back to the car we go.

We've Been Out and About Again - Our Walk

We've Been Out and About Again - Our Walk

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