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Muslin Cloths

I am always looking for more effective ways in cleaning my face.  I have sensitive skin and suffer from eczema on my face, so I do have to be careful, anything harsh can irritate and inflame my skin, which can be uncomfortable and painful (and embarrassing to go out in the public with a red and sore face). 

In the past to clean my face each day using cleanser and toner I have always used the traditional option of cotton pads or tissue, the problem I felt with cotton wool or tissue was it never fully removed all the dirt/make-up and I did not feel it cleared my skin surface enough in preparation for me to apply my face moisturiser.   

I have seen and read about muslin clothes, but never tried them, so I thought I need to try one!.

I decided to try the REN muslin cloth, which I ordered with two cloths in the pack; I was pleased you get two in a pack, as I can have one ready to be used, whilst I wash the other one in with the laundry - on a rotating basis.

I was delighted with the results, as I could instantly feel the difference,  it had cleaned and polished my skin without irritating it. I was ready to put the moisturiser on, achieving the maximum benefits out of it.

What do you normally use? Have you tried muslin cloths? What is your experience with muslin cloths?


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