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Mother's Day

Mother's Day, I look forward to it, and I do enjoy it - I enjoy and appreciate the day's fuss and the extra attention, and most of all, the hand-made cards the boys make at school - I got one from Jacob this year, unfortunately, my older two don't make Mother's day cards since leaving Primary school - but I do get a shop brought one. (I keep every single card, hand-made or shop bought and store them in my keepsake boxes)

I love being a mum to three beautiful boys, and I also get to be nanny/mum to my step-granddaughter, as we are her full guardian. I silently celebrate being a mum every single day, but I especially look forward to the official Mother's day, where all my boys, even my teenager, tell me they love me (my youngest boy tells me several times a day, but my oldest, not so often, so every time he does tell me, it's kind of a big thing for me), where I can celebrate with my children; receiving beautiful cards, both hand-made and shop brought and the lovely flowers, finally not forgetting how the boys offer to do little extras around the house for the day - it's their attempt to spoil me and show their appreciation. 

Mother's Day for me is about thanking my mum and showing my appreciation to her, and then the day is about me getting to enjoy being a mum, celebrating it with my children, making sure I spend the day with my children, no matter what the day brings or what we decide to do that day, as long as I have my children around me, that is all I want, and that is what makes me the happiest.

Having a family of my own, has taught me many things, but also it has shown me how to better understand and appreciate my own mum more. What a truly special woman she is, caring, selfless, and

Mother's day reminds me every year that I just don't do enough for my Mum, I always feel that I don't thank her enough, and yet again I leave this special day moving forward; always looking forward, with the aim to be a better mum and a better daughter; the same today, I've told myself I must be a better daughter and better mother.

So how did I spend Mother's Day this year, well it was a good day, we had my nephew's birthday party, which was pretty cool and fun, and I got to be with my parents and family, and then hubby, I and the kids, we chilled for the rest of the day. Hubby cooked a nice roast dinner, and I had a glass of red wine. 

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